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Privacy Policy

  1. We do not share or sell clients personal information with any third party organisations.
  2. If you have selected add to newsletter you will only receive electronic mail from us.
  3. We will not pass any personally identifiable information on to third parties, without your explicit consent.
  4. To protect you no financial Details are stored on our server. All such data is securely stored on the server of our payment gateway partners and as such we do not have access to any data other than the transaction amount, data, and customer id (which may include such data as your name, and address details along with contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses.
  5. Session Cookies: The use of session cookies does need to be enabled, in order for your browser to correctly identify itself with our server (using a special cookie containing only the session id number), if this special cookie is blocked then all the facilities, and any functions of this site may not work as intended. Any Cookies used will be session only (this means that they will be removed from your computer at the end of your visit to our website) with exception of all items covered in section 6.
  6. Persistent (non-session) cookies may be used on the website to enhance your browsing experience during your visit to our website. Contrary to popular misconception the presence of these cookies on your computer is perfectly safe.
    The data stored in these cookies will contain no personally identifiable data.
    Persistent Cookies will be used in the following ways:-
    • Anonymous Tracking Cookies — In order to properly access our marketing and advertising strategies, tracking cookies (either third party (e.g. Google Adwords) or originating on our domain) may be used from time to time. Any information collected, stored or used with these cookies will be completely anonymous, containing no personally identifiable data. Your enjoyment and use of our website will not be compromised in any way if you set your browser preferences (or use third party software programs) to block these cookies.
    • Service Enhancement Cookies — These cookies will be used to provide service enhancements like automatically remembering your password and logging you in automatically when visiting password protect pages.
      The use of these cookies will not be activated unless you explicitly request them to be, usually by clicking on link or checking a checkbox in a form which will state; remember me, keep me logged in etc…
    • Cookie Preferences — These anonymous cookies will be used to remember your cookie preferences, in compliance with the current ‘EU Cookie Law’ Your enjoyment and use of our website will be compromised, if you set your browser preferences (or use third party software programs) to block these cookies.


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